Leading Performers

Case Study

Galaxy Sciences


  • Our client is a global organisation listed on the NYSE with 80,000+ employees and operations in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • We analysed email metadata to improve leadership behaviour and decision making.


We initially consulted with our client to determine the drivers of effective leadership and capable decision making within its environment. Following this, we deployed GalaxyLens to analyse aggregated communication patterns at the team level, whilst providing individuals with customised and confidential feedback on their personal Virtual Mirror (i.e. dashboard).

Our technology measured, predicted and reinforced the following communication patterns of effective leaders and decision makers: 

  • They are well connected in their workplace social networks and are regarded as people who can get things done effectively
  • They influence people in a positive way and are skilled at helping others to achieve their objectives
  • They are prepared to adapt to situations when the need arises and know how to involve the input and participation of other people 
  • They respond quickly and frequently to communication from other people and do not continually spam people with irrelevant or unsolicited information
  • They proactively contribute to communication that relates to their role and don't wait to be asked
  • They use honest language in their communication, which is a balance of appropriate positive and negative sentiment when warranted

GalaxyLens automatically measured the current strength and future likelihood of these behaviours throughout the organisation. 


  • Achieved over 80% accuracy in identifying the desired leadership traits and decision making capabilities throughout the organisation- this was benchmarked against internal Human Resources data.
  • Increased the successful adoption of the desired leadership and decision making behaviour- this was benchmarked against improved customer satisfaction ratings, increased sales revenue and reduced employee turnover.
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