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GalaxyScope Features

GalaxyScope identifies and analyses patterns of collective awareness on the Web through online social sensing. This enables organisations to enhance their reputation by driving thought leadership and increasing brand and product engagement. The analysis of collective awareness in the online world can be structured according to the Crowd, the Experts and the Swarm.

GalaxyScope Analysis

GalaxyScope analyses collective awareness on the Web as follows:

  • The Crowd refers to the broad and sometimes indiscriminate masses who can easily flip between wisdom and madness. The Crowd is found mostly on Twitter where analysing the right hashtags can also provide very useful Swarm-like information.
  • The Experts can be journalists, critics, influencers and professional consultants who are primarily found on blogs, social media and news sites.Their key feature is that they are paid for their opinion, which can reflect their level of expertise and/or their potential bias.
  • The Swarm comprises people who are intrinsically motivated to collaborate on ideas they care deeply about. They could be medical researchers developing new drugs, plumbers exploring ideas for aircraft toilets, or environmentalists discussing alternative energy sources. The Swarm is found on Wikipedia and subject-specific forums and their intrinsic motivation means this information can be more objective and insightful.

GalaxyScope Applications

Thought Influence Brand Influence Product Influence
  • Measure the view and sentiment towards your organisation's leaders in the market.
  • Measure the influence your organisation's leaders have in the market.
  • Measure brand strength and its attributes.
  • Identify your brand's key influencers and rank them by importance.
  • Measure the strength of competitor brands.
  • Measure product popularity and influence.
  • Identify your product's key influencers and rank them by influence. 
  • Measure the strength of competitors products.

GalaxyScope Benefits

Some of the key benefits of GalaxyScope include:

  • The Board and C-Suite have a much clearer view of the organisation's brand perception and the evolution of its reputation and social capital.
  • Provides a rich method of analysing the impact of an organisation’s brand, products and services in its markets and communities.
  • Business units and teams have a product and service benchmarking framework in relation to any identified competitors.
  • Identifies the organisation’s key influencers of public perception and ranks them according to importance.



Try GalaxyScope for Yourself

Access a free version of GalaxyScope which identifies online influencers, finds the social networks of a particular topic, the tribe membership of Twitter users and reveals how people are connected around the world.
Visit the GalaxyScope website here.

Data Sources, Privacy & Security

Our technology can securely capture and analyse any text, voice or video data stored by an organisation on its servers, whether on premises or in the cloud. This includes email, calendar, collaboration and chat apps and voice and video recordings.

Our analysis strongly respects individual privacy. Only aggregated information is available to management, while individual results are only accessible by the relevant individual. This ensures full GDPR compliance whilst continuing to achieve the optimum level of analytical insight and accuracy.

All data is fully encrypted on the server side, while the analysis takes place on anonymized and encrypted data to ensure maximum information security. This means that data is also protected from potential internal abuse.