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Insights Into Personal Mood


HappiMeter Features

HappiMeter is a smartwatch-based body sensing system. It measures individual happiness based on interpreting the body sensors on smartwatches such as activity, heart rate, light level and GPS coordinates. This is supplemented with external information such as weather data, humidity and the day of the week. It also enables the identification of friends who are indicators of positive or negative mood. All data and feedback is completely private on an individual's personal smartwatch.

HappiMeter Benefits

The smartwatch app for HappiMeter also has a corresponding smartphone app, which is illustrated below. This enables you to review your mood by location, gain insights into your mood history and what affects your mood, provide feedback on your mood, activity and stress levels, connect with friends and know how your friends feel whilst sharing your mood with them. You can also get motivated by earning medals and planting trees the more you use HappiMeter.


Learn more about the HappiMeter including how to download the SmartWatch and SmartPhone apps here.


Data Sources, Privacy & Security

Our technology can securely capture and analyse any text, voice or video data stored by an organisation on its servers, whether on premises or in the cloud. This includes email, calendar, collaboration and chat apps and voice and video recordings.

Our analysis strongly respects individual privacy. Only aggregated information is available to management, while individual results are only accessible by the relevant individual. This ensures full GDPR compliance whilst continuing to achieve the optimum level of analytical insight and accuracy.

All data is fully encrypted on the server side, while the analysis takes place on anonymized and encrypted data to ensure maximum information security. This means that data is also protected from potential internal abuse.

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