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Insights Into Enterprise Communication Patterns

Galaxy Sciences

GalaxyLens Features

GalaxyLens improves organisational behaviour through the analysis of communication data. Just as a satellite map of weather patterns enables precise meteorological forecasting, GalaxyLens interprets digital communication patterns to accurately predict behaviour. It does this through a unique combination of 100+ Signals of Communication in an ecosystem comprising Griffin, Phoenix and the Virtual Mirror.

Honest Signals of Communication

Only GalaxyLens captures the full range of workplace communication patterns with its unique multimode technology comprising:

  • Schedule: when people schedule communication 
  • Structure: who people communicate with
  • Dynamics: how people communicate 
  • Content: what people communicate 

GalaxyLens automatically measures these modes through an exclusive suite of 100+ Honest Signals of Communication. Typically, it only requires 2 - 4 of the right combination of Signals to accurately measure a particular behaviour. This makes GalaxyLens the most accurate and impactful behavioural analytics technology, whilst enabling the measurement of a much wider range of behavioural drivers. The combination of Honest Signals based on communication Schedule, Structure, Dynamics and Content modes enables GalaxyLens to achieve a predictive certainty of over 80%. Learn more about our Signals here.

GalaxyLens - Griffin

Griffin fetches the source data and calculates the Honest Signals. Data can be captured from a wide variety of internal and external sources. Internal sources can include email, calendar, collaboration and chat apps, voice and video recordings and other import formats such as CSV. External data can include Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia and news media. Griffin then calculates and filters this data through a series of annotations with the 100+ Honest Signals. The output and results from the calculation process are loaded onto Phoenix.

GalaxyLens - Phoenix

Phoenix is the high-end analyst workbench that transforms the Honest Signal calculations in Griffin into actionable insights. It enables HR Analysts, Data Scientists, Social Media Analysts and System Administrators to experiment with and visually explore the data. Phoenix generates social network pictures and movies, time series graphs of communication dynamics and sentiment, emotion and personality analysis of content. This also enables Analysts to determine the best way to share these insights with general users by seeding the output to the Virtual Mirror.

GalaxyLens - Virtual Mirror

The Virtual Mirror is the general-user dashboard in GalaxyLens. It works on the principle that the process of looking at ourselves "in the mirror" is important to creating self-awareness, shaping team learning and stimulating behavioural change. The Virtual Mirror provides an integrated platform to measure behaviour, instigate action and track and achieve goals. It can be used as a leadership tool by Managers to share aggregated results with their teams in reflection huddles and at an individual level by each employee thereby further enhancing the level of self-awareness. Personal virtual mirroring is private with the individual data only accessible by the person in question.

GalaxyLens Benefits

GalaxyLens works in a completely transparent and privacy-ensuring manner and enables organisations to:

  • Proactively Identify the existence or absence of relevant behaviour
  • Automatically Measure the drivers or root causes of behaviour
  • Accurately Predict the evolution and trajectory of behaviour
  • Dynamically Provide insight and actions for specific behaviour
  • Rapidly Enhance and ingrain the desired behaviour
  • Infinitely Scale to any organisational level and work location
  • Measurably Improve organisational goals related to culture and behaviour



Griffin & Phoenix Features

Designed for Analysts and System Administrators to extract, transform and load data. Extract data from internal/external sources and transform it through built-in calculations for 100+ Signals in Griffin. Load the data to explore it in Phoenix and seed it for general users to the Virtual Mirror.

Virtual Mirror Features

Designed for Team Leaders and general users to visualise the results for the behaviours being analysed with the Honest Signals. Configure the reporting based on enterprise-wide, divisional, team and individual information to improve self-awareness and enhance behavioural change.

Data Sources, Privacy & Security

Our technology can securely capture and analyse any text, voice or video data stored by an organisation on its servers, whether on premises or in the cloud. This includes email, calendar, collaboration and chat apps and voice and video recordings.

Our analysis strongly respects individual privacy. Only aggregated information is available to management, while individual results are only accessible by the relevant individual. This ensures full GDPR compliance whilst continuing to achieve the optimum level of analytical insight and accuracy.

All data is fully encrypted on the server side, while the analysis takes place on anonymized and encrypted data to ensure maximum information security. This means that data is also protected from potential internal abuse.