Customer Satisfaction

Case Study

Galaxy Sciences


  • Our client is a global professional services organisation with 96,000+ employees.
  • GalaxyLens was deployed to improve customer satisfaction, as measured by the Net Promotor Score (NPS).
  • We identified and measured the key drivers of customer satisfaction in the client's environment through the analysis of email, calendar and Skype data.
  • Customer satisfaction, as measured by NPS, improved by an aggregate of 17%.


This engagement involved a scientific analysis comprising a control group, which did not use GalaxyLens, and a test group, which did use GalaxyLens.

The analysis was conducted over a two year period where 4.5 million emails were analysed each month.

The analysis focused on:

  • The level of leadership engagement in the provision of customer service;
  • The speed of response and initiative around customer queries;
  • The consistency of service quality and focus towards customers; and
  • The use of clear and simple language in customer communication.

The GalaxyLens analysis and results were compared to the six-monthly NPS survey results to determine the progress of the control and test teams in relation to their NPS scores. The Team Leaders socialised the GalaxyLens results with their teams once a month for 30 minutes.


  • The teams that did use GalaxyLens increased their NPS by an aggregate of 17%.
  • The teams that did not use GalaxyLens experienced no improvement in their NPS (in fact they went slightly backwards).
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