Galaxy Science

Radically transform individual and team behaviour.

Automatically measure, predict and transform behaviour through
a unique fusion of Behavioural Science, Artificial Intelligence and
Social Network Analysis. 

Our Purpose
  • Founded in 2007, Galaxy has pioneered the use of AI infused workplace analytics through its ground-breaking technology from 18+ years of continuous research at MIT.
  • We empower individuals and organisations to radically transform culture and behaviour by combining Behavioural Science, Artificial Intelligence and Social Network Analysis.
  • This enduringly improves a vast range of behavioural factors including performance, efficiency, wellbeing and risk outcomes.



of MIT research

Over 18 years of development and machine learning with MIT and other major universities.

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predictive accuracy

Over 80% predictive certainty for a vast range of conduct and behaviour. 

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employee anonymity

100% data privacy for individual users, teams and departments. 



in major journals

Over 215 scientific studies published in major journals which continue to progress the industry. 

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in multiple industries

Over 1000 implementations in a wide range of small, medium and large organisations. 

Energise Performance
  • Improve psychological safety & trust
  • Drive respect, diversity & inclusion
  • Create stronger team synergy
  • Enrich hybrid working
Drive Efficiency
  • Improve collaboration & engagement
  • Foster innovation & creativity
  • Enhance agility & adaptability
  • Improve learning behaviour
Sustain Wellbeing
  • Improve psychological safety & trust
  • Drive respect, diversity & inclusion
  • Create stronger team synergy
  • Enrich hybrid working
Strengthen Risk
  • Align with the tone from the top
  • Engender accountability & ownership
  • Reinforce speak-up & listen-up
  • Prevent misconduct & behavioural risk

Our technology is trusted by the world’s leading organisations to radically and enduringly transform their culture and behaviour.

Product Features

Our integrated product suite is designed for both personal and enterprise use. Key features include: 

  • GalaxyLens improves organisational behaviour through communication data analysis.
  • GalaxyScope improves organisational reputation through online networks and social sensing.
  • HappiMeter improves personal mood using smartwatch analysis of individual data.
  • SocialCompass improves personal wellbeing using smartphone analysis of individual data. 
Case Studies
  • AI Driven Multimode Technology

    Over 18 years, Galaxy has developed the only system that provides a holistic and all-encompassing analysis of communication data through its unique Multimode technology. This involves the combined measurement of communication Schedule, Structure, Dynamics and Content, which significantly increases the insight and certainty of the analysis process.

  • 100+ Signals of Communication

    The combined modes of Schedule, Structure, Dynamics and Content comprise over 100 Signals of Communication. The right combination of Signals can achieve a predictive certainty of up to 80%. Certainty relates to whether the behaviour being analysed is present or likely to occur and whether the interventions being applied to improve that behaviour are effective. 

  • Data Tools & Sources

    Our technology can analyse any Data Tools used by an organisation. This includes email, calendar and collaboration apps (e.g. Slack, Yammer, Teams, etc.), video conferencing apps and instant messaging apps (e.g. Bloomberg, Symphony, etc.). The Data Sources can include virtually any type of data used by the organisation.

  • Applying our Technology
    • Discover: Proactively detect hotspots, reveal patterns of behaviour and benchmark better practice.
    • Evaluate: Objectively measure known issues to determine their likelihood and impact.
    • Improve: Rapidly ingrain desired behaviour to achieve the required outcomes.
    • Monitor: Accurately predict the effectiveness of interventions.
  • Benefits of our Technology
    • Comprehensive Measurement: The only behavioural analytics technology that captures the full scope of communication patterns and data.
    • Wider Applicability: The analysis of the widest range of behavioural factors including Performance, Productivity, Wellbeing and Risk objectives.
    • Higher Certainty: The most reliable prediction of behaviour with over 80% accuracy.